Friday, January 06, 2006


Mr. Pang Sokheoun attended Conference in Sweden and FranceMr. Pang Sokheoun attended the "Re-Act Conference" in Swedence host by National Youth Council of Sweden participated by 41 countries, most were from Africa and Asia in order to bring about the international cooperation on the field of democrcy and health care and friendship. More importanly, it aimed at understanding the inter-cultures and globalization.

. Mr. Pang Sokheoun attended conference in Taiwan held by Young Liberals and Democrats of Asia (YLDA) and Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) of Taiwan on "Youth Political Rights and Poltical Campaign". Its main goals is to bring about the realization of political rights to youth and the importance of youth's participation in political campaign in strenghtening democratic process in the world.

Mr. Taing Sarada, the Steering Committee ofSMD attended conference " Political Rights and Political Campiagn" held by YLDA and CALD in Indonesia in June 2005. Its main objective is to bring about the realization of political rights and political campaign to youth and to strategize for political campaign in the region - Asia.

SMD, as a member of YLDA, attended the conference in Nepal in November 2004 held by YLDA and Council of Liberals and Democrats on(CALD) on "Liberalism"

This is the picture of Model of Angkor built in Thailand next to Thai Royal Palace - SMD.

Mr. Pang Sokheoun, President of SMD with students and delegates from Ministry of Education, attended conference in Thailand invited by Thai Government from July 31- August 06, 2005. It was about relationship and cultural understanding and realization after the roit against Thais in on 29 January 2003.


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